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A Wig Boutique
Welcome to A Wig Boutique. You are invited to come in and experience what I believe A Wig Boutique should be. I have created a beautiful, warm and inviting place for ladies to come and shop for the perfect wig. Here all you have to worry about is which flavor chocolate you want with your coffee. Where you never have to fear a bad shopping experience, but be guaranteed a great and personalized one.

Appointments available Monday - Friday

If you are looking for a wig, we would love to set up a specialized appointment so we can serve you best.

The first step is to call 850-476-1916 or email us to arrange an appointment. We will get back to you and work to arrange an appointment for a fitting. If you know what brand or style of wig you are looking for, please include that in the message or email and we will work to make sure we can accommodate you before arranging an appointment.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping provide the most amazing experience for you!

A Wig Boutique